How to pop a pimple with minimal damage

Woman Looking at Herself in Bathroom Mirror

Let’s talk about breakouts. We all get them, they’re never welcome, and believe us when we say we understand the intense, irresistible urge to pick, play with or pop them. Unpleasant, but universal. But popping a pimple can do far more harm than good, and picking or even lightly touching the area will spread bacteria

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Are alcohols in skincare ‘bad’?

The short answer is… not necessarily. Alcohols have developed a bad reputation when it comes to skincare, and that’s only partially due to fact. The truth is, different types of alcohols are commonly used in all types of skincare products for different purposes. Whether these alcohols are ‘bad’ really depends: on the type of alcohols,

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Your guide to workout skincare

Its January and not only is it a new year, it’s a new decade. That means one thing: we’re hitting the gym hard and it’s likely that you are too. But have you wondered how your workouts are impacting your skin? We have the breakdown here. The skincare benefits of exercise Working out is not

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