Does my hair need sun protection?

The short answer is yes. As part of your orientation to life in Dubai (or Abu Dhabi … or any other city in the Arabian Gulf), the conversation of hair loss and its main culprit – tap water – comes up. As part of that dialogue, we will address the pesky business of dry and lifeless hair due to sun exposure. A day at the beach should not involve a head of straw!

Just like unprotected skin, your hair and scalp can get burnt. Exposure to UV rays damages the hair as much as it does our skin. The reason hair feels particularly dry over the summer months (in our case, always!) is because UV rays burn the inside and outside layer of the hair follicle, resulting in brittle and lifeless ends – which is never a great look. Additionally, the combination of water, salt, heat and the fiery touch of sun rays can leave hair especially dry, brittle, and if you have color-treated strands, faded. When hair is exposed to water, the negative effects of free radicals are amplified. The hair shaft is considerably weaker when wet and far more susceptible to UV rays.

Don’t let your hair pay the price of your sun indulgence – simply wearing a wide-brimmed hat or a lightweight silk scarf styled into a chic turban should do the trick, otherwise consider investing in products which include UV filters to minimize sun and environmental damage. Protecting your hair should feel as natural as protecting your skin.

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