Our Story

Effortless, authentic beauty on your own terms.

Welcome to Powder, the clean beauty space. Our purpose is to help you feel authentically beautiful with unbiased advice you can trust and clean choices you will love. We aim to inspire conversations that redefine how beauty is experienced.

We started Powder because we were struggling to find effective beauty products which made us feel good about ourselves. So, we put together a selection of products which remedy our flaws and enhance rather than conceal our natural beauty.

We love sharing our findings, tips, and recommendations so we aim to take the guesswork out of the process and are committed to curating products which leave you feeling happy and confident in your own (glowing) skin.

Founded by beauty addicts Ayat Toufeeq and Amina Grimen, we do not sell anything that we haven’t tried ourselves and which hasn’t been reviewed by many other beauty junkies like ourselves with delightful results. All of our products are tried, tested and sourced from an authorized distributor or directly from the manufacturer so we can guarantee their authenticity.

 For any questions, distribution enquiries or product suggestions (which we always, always welcome and get very excited about) please get in touch.



Skin type combination, sensitive, acne and pigmentation prone

I can’t leave the house without my phone

My Netflix addiction is Unsolved Mysteries

My dream vaycay spot is anywhere with great food and culture — and I am a happy girl!

Coffee order a latte but I start my mornings with a cup of tea 🙂

Girl crush Michelle Pfeiffer & Rihanna…don’t make me choose!

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Skin type dehydrated, acne prone, sensitive

I don’t leave the house without a jacket or cardigan because AC is just too much

Ultimate Netflix recommendation Bojack Horseman (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it)

Dream vaycay spot is Bora Bora

Coffee order oat milk latte

Girl crush I can’t get enough of Lindsey Lohan

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