Holistic Silk Anti-Ageing Silk Pillowcase White

63.89 $

Holistic Silk Anti-Ageing Silk Pillowcase White

63.89 $

This beautifully-made hypoallergenic 100% luxurious weight satin silk pillowcase is super smooth and friction free. It’s perfect for preventing facial creasing, fine lines and damage to skin cells, whilst allowing hair to glide over without snagging, maintaining soft, sleek locks and minimizing split ends.

Silk contains sericin which mirrors the protein structure of hair, meaning that the hair is protected as it glides over silk, ensuring it is frizz -free in the morning. Unlike cotton, satin silk will not absorb your night creams or natural moisture so skin is hydrated and nourished and hair is silky smooth.

50cm x 74 cm

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Editor's Note

A silk pillowcase is a beauty investment that pays off immeasurably over time, helping to prevent skin-tugging and the formation of wrinkles by reducing friction. Resistant to dust and house mites, and great for people with allergies.

About The Brand

For the best investment in both your wellness and hair and skincare, look no further than Holistic Silk, who have created a luxuriously-crafted line of durable, pure silk products. The smooth surface of silk not only reduces friction to prevent your skin from developing lines and creases, it locks in hydration and protects your hair from frizz, not to mention making you feel soothed and pampered while you sleep.

How To Use

Lay your head on the pillow and fall asleep. Machine washable on very gentle wash, but hand washing does extend the life of the pillowcase.


100% Silk


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