Holistic Silk Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle Lavender & Jasmine

145 د.إ

Holistic Silk Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle Lavender & Jasmine

145 د.إ

Holistic Silk’s signature blend of relaxing lavender, sensuous jasmine and sweet basil essential oils creates this exquisitely fragrant candle which helps you slip into a tranquil mood and promotes relaxation and enhances sleep. Perfume free and vegan-friendly, its lead-free wick is smokeless and soot-free, filling your home with nothing but 50 hours of relaxing, rejuvenating aroma. Luxuriously packaged, the beautiful silhouette branch design on the candle glass, inspired by whimsical chinoiserie, glows more and more as the candle burns down and can be reused with tea lights once finished.

Free from animal testing and animal products and made from renewable sources.

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Editor's Note

Give the gift of beauty sleep and create a relaxing, tranquil mood with this 100% natural wax candle.

About The Brand

For the best investment in both your wellness and hair and skincare, look no further than Holistic Silk, who have created a luxuriously-crafted line of durable, pure silk products. The smooth surface of silk not only reduces friction to prevent your skin from developing lines and creases, it locks in hydration and protects your hair from frizz, not to mention making you feel soothed and pampered while you sleep.

How To Use

Light the wick and let your mind and body relax.


100% natural wax, Lavender and Jasmine


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