Sarah Chapman Professional Cleansing Mitts x 4

25.87 $

Sarah Chapman Professional Cleansing Mitts x 4
Sarah Chapman professional cleansing mitts

Sarah Chapman Professional Cleansing Mitts x 4

25.87 $

This is the sister product of the Ultimate Cleanse. These dual-sided mitts provide a comfortable deep cleanse to help sweep away impurities and reveal brighter, fresher skin. Designed with a textured side for exfoliation and a fine weave side for removal of eye makeup. The sponge retains heat and moisture for longer allowing for a cushioned professional cleanse.

4 pads

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Editor's Note

Long-lasting and gently exfoliating, these mitts can be used with any balm or oil cleanser and will leave skin feeling refreshed and radiant without drying. For a customized cleanse add a splash of calming rose water or anti-bacterial tea tree into your water before soaking the mitts. To refresh and invigorate soak mitts in cold water and press over your face to complete your cleansing routine.

About The Brand

Developed by London’s most sought-after facialist, Sarah Chapman’s award-winning signature line is serious, high-performance skincare. Delivering the extraordinary results of her facials with a mix of the most advanced potent ingredients and healing, restorative botanicals, this range makes radiant, youthful and healthy skin achievable.

How To Use

As part of your morning or evening cleanse, soak mitts in warm water. Use the exfoliating side to wipe away cleanser, make up and grime, and the fine side for eye make-up removal.


Made with 100% cotton.


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